Your CTA Card is Getting Stale

Expiration coming in April

101308 CTA Train Station
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Like a loaf of moldy bread, it's time to ditch your Chicago Transit Authority card and get a new one before it expires.

The CTA says expirations will start in April and free replacements cards are available.

Chicago Card and Chicago Plus Card holders can check their status by going to, visiting a passenger information desk at most stations, calling 1-888-YOUR-CTA or going to the CTA Sales Center at 567 W. Lake St. Check business hours before you go.

About 4,600 Chicago cards will expire between April 6 and July 28 and more than 50,000 Chicago Card Plus cars will run out this year.

Expect an e-mail from the CTA about 45 days before card's expiration that will have all the details on getting a replacement sent to you. If you don't, CTA officials say it could be deactivated or you may lose your remaining balance. And if you've been using someone else's card, another note: only those with registered cards will be able to get balances transferred.

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