Young Skaters Inspired By Gracie Gold's Success

The entire country will be rooting for Gracie Gold when she takes the ice at the Sochi Winter Olympics, but a handful of aspiring Olympians at her former rink will be rooting even harder.

Gold use to train Wagon Wheel Figure Skating Club in Crystal Lake, and her success has inspired several of the younger skaters at the club.

"I hope that in three years I can be just as good as her, and it will just take a lot of hard work and dedication to the sport," said 15-year-old Skyla Swain, who trains at the club.

Bradie Tennell is another 15-year-old skater with dreams of following in Gracie's golden footsteps -- or should we say, skates.

"She's an amazing skater. I look up to her for everything she does. Her jumps are amazing," Tennell said. "Hopefully I make it on the world team someday, then one day the Olympics."

Both skaters know that it's going to take a lot of dedication to get to Gracie's level.

But at their relatively young age, they've already they've embraced the sport with passion and dedication.

And four years from now, don't be surprised to see them booking a flight to South Korea.

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