Young Blackhawks Fan Loses It When He Hears About Sharp Trade

A young Blackhawks fan did not take the news of Patrick Sharp’s trade well.

Five-year-old Anthony Kaminski was on his way to the Blackhawks store in Chicago when his parents told him his favorite player had been traded.

The young boy burst into tears in the cab he and his family were riding in, and his father caught a few moments on camera.

“Sharpie is still a good Blackhawk but he just had to move on,” Anthony’s father Lucas Kaminski says in the footage.

Anthony continues to ask why as tears pour from his eyes.

“We told him Sharpie got traded and that just triggered it and in the cab ride downtown he cried for about 30 minutes,” Lucas Kaminski told NBC Chicago. “He was very upset. That was his favorite player on the Blackhawks.”

Sharp was traded to the Dallas Stars earlier this month.

“We had to talk him down and explain to him why he had to get traded and we told him we’d take him to the Blackhawks store and get him a Kane jersey,” Lucas Kaminski said.

anthony kamiski
Anthony Kaminski shows off his new Patrick Kane jersey.

The Kaminski family, though originally from Chicago, was visiting from their home in Scottsdale, Arizona at the time.

Lucas Kaminski says even though the family doesn’t live in the city anymore, they are huge Hawks fans.

“Me and a group of friends, we watch every single game together with him,” he said.

Now, Lucas Kaminski says his son’s favorite player shifts between Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.  

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