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No Injuries From Freight Train Car Derailment



    No Injuries From Freight Train Car Derailment

    Three cars of a freight train derailed in west suburban Yorkville late Monday. No one was injured and the derailment did not result in any major traffic delays, police said.

    The derailment occurred about 11:30 p.m. Monday about a mile west of Route 47 in Yorkville, according to a Yorkville firefighter.

    Three cars of the Illinois Railnet freight train "tipped off the tracks," according to Yorkville Police Dept.Deputy Chief Dave Delaney. The freight cars were carrying sand and there was no hazardous material involved, Delaney said. The incident happened at Hydraulic Street, west of Route 47, on the west side of Yorkville, Delaney said.

    No one was hurt, both Delaney and the firefighter said. Fire crews walked the track to search for people who could have been hurt, the firefighter said.

    The tracks and train are owned by Illinois Railnet, Delaney said. There was a minor traffic jam on Route 47 when the derailment occurred, Delaney said, but the scene was cleared pretty quickly.

    Illinois Railnet crews will be back at the site Tuesday to clean up, Delaney said.