Yarn Bombing Art Exhibition Comes to Chicago College

A group of yarn bombers were invited to display their work at one of Columbia College's outdoor art galleries

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Yarn bombing is typically a form of street art. But for the next month, Chicagoans can see it displayed exhibition style while walking in the 600 block of South Michigan Avenue.

“We’re calling it cozy in the city,” said yarn bomber Valerie Sherman. 

Normally, Columbia College uses the outdoor art gallery for fashion-related exhibitions with works by students and faculty. But, sometimes the school invites the community to utilize the space, which is how the Yarn Bombing Exhibition came to be.

“My husband and I  walked over to check it out and I’m like this thing is huge! I need help! So, I invited all of my yarn friends to submit pieces and I think we filled the window pretty well," Sherman said.

The exhibition features more than 50 pieces of art, with a focus on everyday household items. Some women who yarn bomb said in October that the art was helping them cope during the pandemic.

“I do a lot of work in the community, putting up things for people to enjoy, so being able to put it here on display is an honor,” Yesenia Juarez said.

The yarn bombing exhibition at Columbia College will be on display through Jan. 11.

“Lots of our neighbors are coming out to see this, and I think that really helps build a connection between the school and the neighborhood, too.  And there’s nothing but good that can come out of that," yarn bomber Ann Cibulskis said.

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