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Woman Meets Cop's Taser Outside Wrigleyville Bar



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    Some post-baseball shenanigans got a woman shocked with a cop's Taser outside a Wrigleyville bar Wednesday evening.

    A dance-off between two guys turned into a fight and spilled into the street outside Sluggers World Class Sports, at 3540 North Clark, witnesses said.

    As one of the men was being arrested, his girlfriend became "very aggressive" and grabbed the shoulder and chest of one of the officers.

    That's when she met the Taser.

    "If I was the officer, I would have Tasered her because of the fact of how it was going down. You don't want to wrestle the girl, you don't want to fight her. You want to restrain her," said Tim Jackson, whose brother is a bouncer at the bar.

    "She should have just listened to the police officer [and] she wouldn't have got Tasered like that," he said.

    The Chicago Cubs lost to the Washington Nationals earlier in the day, 3-2.