Wrecking Ball on Hold at St. Boniface Church

City law requires 90-day hold form time of demolition order

The ongoing fight to save a West Side church may be getting some divine intervention.

According to a letter recently circulated by the Archdiocese of Chicago, St. Boniface Church, at the corner of Chestnut and Nobel streets, was to have been torn down beginning last Friday. But a "Clout City" article on the Chicago Reader web site, indicates that there's been a reprieve.

The Reader's Ben Joravsky writes that the church is "rated orange in the city's system for ranking buildings' architectural and historical importance."

That means the city can't approve demolition until at least 90 days after the owner has requested it. In this case, the archdiocese requested demolition in early December, so there's a freeze on demolition until March, according to 27th Ward alderman Walter Burnett.

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