City Winery Unveils New Riverwalk Domes

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City Winery
Rentals for the riverwalk domes can be made March 17 through April 30. Daily rental hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
City Winery
The dome is available for rental in 90 minute sessions. Prices vary depending on how many guests you invite. For groups of 2-3 people the cost is $150 a person, groups of 4-5 people cost $125 a person and with a group of 6 people the cost is $100 a person.
City Winery
Although the rental price does not include gratuity or tax, it does include 500 ML of house-made wine and a cheese & charcuterie.
City Winery
Seating, a Bluetooth speaker and heaters are some more amenities included in the rental cost.
City Winery
Brooke Webster, General Manager for City Winery, says the domes are a “good way to enjoy Chicago while being protected from the elements.”
City Winery
Webster compares the dome to renting a cabana, saying people can decide how closed off they want to dome to be.
City Winery
Webster says that blankets and board games will be available for guests. The dome is 11 feet and 9 inches in diameter.
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