10 Haunted Houses to Visit in the Chicago Area

For some people, Halloween means an endless array of candy and dramatic costumes. But if the fall foliage and sweater-weather aren’t getting you in the holiday mood, here’s a list of Illinois’ best haunted houses to scare you into embracing the season.

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13th Floor Haunted House
13th Floor Haunted House
nDubbed Chicago’s largest haunted house, the 13th Floor Haunted House takes visitors 30,000 square feet of post-apocalyptic nightmares. Along with zombies and creatures of the underworld, this year’s theme also includes blood-thirsty vampires. 1940 George St. Ticket prices vary day-to-day, with weekend admission tickets ranging from $22 to $33. This attraction is recommend for children 12 years or older.
Basement of the Dead
Basement of the Dead
nFew details have been released about this year’s house theme at Basement of the Dead, but visitors can expect a haunted church setting along with a 3-D house, where visitors carry black light flashlights in a pitch dark room and creepy clowns await at every turn.n42 W. New York. General admission tickets are $25 and VIP tickets are available for $45.
Disturbia: Screams In The Park
nThe Rosemont attraction features an indoor, 36,000-square-foot haunted house serviced by over 80 actors. Roughly half of this year’s version of Disturbia is new, and takes visitors into a Victorian-style house that descends several levels into the ground. A “sewer underworld” – complete with running water and electricity – is among several new attractions. The house is meant to play on people’s fears, featuring areas of complete darkness and tight spaces.n5501 Park Place. Tickets are $25 per person on weekdays and $30 on Friday and Saturday. VIP tickets, which allow ticketholders to skip the long lines, are also available for $40. Students get a $5 discount Sunday through Thursday with valid ID.
House of Torment
House of Torment
nThis year, House of Torment features two new themes: “Nightmare High” – where undead teenagers have taken over a local Morton Grove high school – and “The Frenzy,” where visitors travel through subway tunnels while being bombarded by hoards of villains, delinquents and evil spirits.n8240 N. Austin Ave. Tickets range from $26 to $33, depending on the day of the week. Skip the Line tickets are also available $50 to $52 online at houseoftormentchicago.com. This attraction is not recommended for children 12 and under.
Massacre Haunted House
Massacre Haunted House
nOver 100 actors scare visitors through more than 60 rooms strewn with gruesome scenes filled with blood and murder. Endless mazes and nightmare-like horrors take participants from one haunted house to the next, ending with a 3-D special effects house dubbed the “freak show.”n299 Montgomery Rd. General admission tickets are available for $25. Fast passes are also available for $35. This house is not recommended for children under 13 years old.
Midnight Terror Haunted House
Midnight Terror Haunted House
nTwo haunted houses make up the horrifying maze that is the Midnight Terror house in Oak Lawn. With over 60 rooms and 100 actors, visitors can walk through more than 2,600-square-feet of non-stop scares. One theme of the house this year, “Factory of Malum” follows the story of a demon come up from the depths of hell to raise havoc on a local business. 5520 W. 111 St. General Admission tickets are available online at midnightterrorhauntedhouse.com for $23 and at the door for $25. VIP admission and special “fear” packages are also available.
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Sick House
nThe doors to Mokena’s Sick House are opening for the first time. Visitors join two doctors, who were banned from operating their hospital after government officials deemed their practices criminally insane, through the halls of their home, where the duos’ previous patients still roam the halls. 19081 Old Lagrange Rd. General admission tickets are $20 and fast pass admission tickets are available for $27.
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Psychosis Haunted House
nVoted USA Today’s top ten haunted house in 2011, psychosis returns this year with more interactive experiences than ever. Visitors walk through the endless hallways of an abandoned asylum. For an additional $10, visitors can become a kidnapping victim or experience what it’s like to be buried alive. 882 Anita Ave. General admission tickets are $18 and VIP passes are available for $27. Discounts for students and military personnel are available with proper ID.
Realm of Terror
Realm of Terror
nGore-doused zombies, mystery masked men and bloodied monsters crowd the haunted house among a horror-inducing soundscape.n421 W. Rollins Rd. General admission tickets are $25. Skip the line tickets are also available online at realmofterror.com for $35.
Statesville Haunted Prison
Statesville Haunted Prison & City Of The Dead
nThe prisoners have control of this maximum security jail, leaving visitors to find their way through 23 maximum security cells and come face to face with over 100 criminals that were too evil to die. After walking through the Statesville prison, visitors descend into the burial pit of the City of the Dead, where they walk among the mass graves of Statesville's past inmates. Winner of the 2015 "Best Haunted Attraction" award from Haunted House Chicago, Statesville Haunted Prison returns again with terrifying updates to 30 percent of the attraction.n17250 S. Weber Rd. General Admission Tickets are $30. VIP Fast Pass tickets are also availble for $45 per person.
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