World's Largest Passenger Aircraft Arrives at O'Hare Airport

The Airbus 380 from Emirates Airlines offers luxurious amenities

If you’re looking to travel in style with private suites and shower spas, an international aircraft coming to a Chicago airport is offering that and more.

The world’s largest passenger aircraft, Airbus 380, arrives at O’Hare International Airport Tuesday. Owned by Emirates Airlines, the aircraft offers three classes, a luxurious onboard lounge, a menu of exclusive wines, on-flight spas, flat beds, an entertainment system, and award-winning meals.

Emirates was invited by O'Hare airport, the Chicago Department of Aviation and the City of Chicago to test the gate, operations and infrastructure improvements to the A380 service, according to a statement by the company. Only 81 A380 aircrafts currently operate to fly customers across the globe. Chicago will be one of four cities in the U.S. to offer the new experience.

"Chicago has welcomed us from the day Emirates commenced daily flights from Dubai in 2014, and we are honored to work alongside the City, airport, and department of aviation, to bring the A380 for a test flight to this exciting and progressive city," Rob Gurney, Emirates' Senior Vice President of The Americans said in a statement. 

 The Emirates A380 is the most significant advancement in reducing fuel consumption and emissions in four decades, according to the company’s website. It is the equivalent of flying up to seven smaller aircraft types. 

"Over the last two years, Emirates flights have carried over 160,000 passengers from Chicago to Dubai and beyond for both business and leisure travel and have carried more than 60,000 tons of cargo, supporting tourism, business and exporters," Gurney said in a statement. 

The ultra-modern A380 is also the first-ever aircraft to appear on Google Street View showing possible guests the royal treatment they could receive.

"The arrival of Emirates' A380 plane to O'Hare International Airport is exciting for the city of Chicago," Ginger S. Evans CDA Commissioner said in a statement. "The improvements we've made at O'Hare to accommodate the A380 is one of the many projects underway that will make Chicago more competitive and attractive for passengers and businesses. I want to thank Emirates for its commitment to Chicago."

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