Company Reveals Most Popular World Cup Soccer Jersey in Illinois

The World Cup is underway, but with the United States not participating in this year’s tournament, who are Illinois residents supporting?

A new ranking of jersey sales conducted by could shed some light on the Land of Lincoln’s rooting habits.

According to the website, the Mexican shirt is the most popular one in the state, as it is in numerous other states including California, Texas, Arizona, Missouri, and Indiana.

A total of 23 states are purchasing Mexico jerseys in droves, making it the most popular in America.

According to another study of Twitter Geo-tags, Nigeria is the most talked-about team in Illinois among the 32 World Cup nations.

Several other nations are well-represented on the jersey sales list as well. England is the most popular jersey in Montana, Alaska, and Connecticut. Brazil is the top selling jersey in Tennessee, Florida, and Massachusetts, and Germany dominates the northern United States, including Washington, Minnesota, and Maine.

There are a few unexpected entries as well. Egypt’s jersey is the top seller in South Carolina, while Colombia is the winner in South Dakota. Nigeria is also the most popular jersey in Delaware.

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