Police Search For Family Member in Chicago Woman's Death

Police searching for suspect in 31-year-old woman's death

Police are searching for the person who slashed a Chicago woman's throat Sunday night in the Brighton Park neighborhood.

Two family members called 911 around 7 p.m., police said, when they found the body of 31-year-old Lady Diana Sanabria on the first floor of her home.

Police would only say they are searching for one of Sanabria's family members.

"Just seeing this, it concerns us all," neighbor Jason Fabian said.

"I felt sorry for the girl," neighbor Eddie Strzyz said. "Four kids. She looked so frail to me, you know?"

Neighbors in the 4400 block of South Richmond say they feel on edge after learning that Sanabria's throat had been slashed and her killer remains at-large.

"I hope they catch the guy pretty soon," Fabian said.

Sanabria's landlord told NBCChicago she lived in the home with her husband and four children for about a year. On Sunday the landlord had been trying to contact the couple all day to collect rent, which was due on Nov. 1. 

"Had they ever been late paying the rent before? No never," landlord Salvador Madriga said. "All the time, pay. But not this month. Not this month."

Madriga said he can't get into the apartment, which is still sealed by police. He lives on the floor above and said he heard nothing and wasn't aware of any recent family conflict.

"All the families have little problems sometimes," Madriga said. "But I don't know what happened"

Chicago Police said there have been no arrests, and no suspects are in custody. Police aren't specifying who they are looking for, calling the death the result of a domestic dispute.

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