Schaumburg police

Schaumburg Woman Who Killed Disabled Daughter Found Dead

Bonnie Liltz, the Schaumburg mother who was convicted of killing her severely disabled daughter in 2015, has been found dead at her home, authorities said Sunday. 

Liltz, who was appealing her prison sentence and was scheduled to report to prison on Monday, was found dead after a well-being check by police on Saturday evening. 

Results of an autopsy are pending, but authorities believe that her death was a suicide. 

Liltz was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 18, and she was left with severe intestinal problems. She adopted and raised her daughter despite those obstacles, but when her cancer worsened, she gave her daughter an overdose of pills through her feeding tube, killing her. 

She would later say that she did so because she didn't want her daughter to have to be placed in state care in the event of her death. 

A judge sentenced Liltz to four years in prison for the crime, but after serving three months of her sentence, she was released due to poor health. 

Prosecutors and her attorneys wanted her to remain free, but a Cook County judge disagreed, ruling that she be sent back to prison to fulfill the rest of her sentence. 

She appealed the ruling to the Illinois Supreme Court, who declined to take up the case. 

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