Chicago Police

Woman Waiting for New Door After Police Inadvertently Kicked Hers In

A Chicago woman is still waiting for a new front door after police officers mistakenly kicked it in earlier this week.

The incident occurred on Friday morning in the city’s South Chicago neighbourhood. Shanae Cross says that police officers kicked her door in while executing a warrant, but it turns out that they targeted the wrong house.

“Boom. Guns in my face, officers yelling ‘don’t move! Who’s in here?” she said.

Cross says that for the last two days she has had to open her front door with a screwdriver, and that police did more than $1400 in damage to the door.

Chicago police acknowledged the error, and have since sent an assessor to survey the damage.

According to Cross, police said they would replace the door within 24 hours, but have instead offered to repair it, an offer that she refuses to accept.

“That’s not going to work,” she said. “I’m not accepting a temporary fix. I’m not accepting a patchwork.”

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has offered Cross his personal assurance that the situation would be resolved, but she says that she has almost lost hope.

“We’re waiting. Tick tock, tickety tock,” she said. “It’s a waiting game.” 

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