‘They Were Dressed Very Nicely’: Woman Says Thieves Are Targeting Employees in Merchandise Mart

A woman who works in a downtown Merchandise Mart office says she and several other employees have been the victims of some very brazen, seemingly-professional thieves while leaving work.

The woman, who NBC 5 is not identifying because she is concerned for her safety, said she and the other victims can’t seem to get security photos from Merchandise Mart officials, who declined to comment, for others to see. The woman was able to see security footage for herself after filing a police report, she said.

She said on July 27 she was one of dozens of people leaving the Merchandise Mart after work when two men and a woman managed to swipe her wallet.

“They were dressed very nicely, looked like they were leaving work,” the woman said of the alleged robbers. “One guy blocks the revolving door, I get in, another guy gets in the same compartment I’m in, in the revolving door, and stops it.”

She said the man behind her pushed up against her so she couldn’t feel him rifling through her purse and taking her wallet. Then the woman takes the wallet from the man walking in a different direction.

The robberies have been happening for a couple of weeks, she said, and a friend of hers was robbed Tuesday around 3 p.m.

Chicago Police said the detective working on the case was unable to speak to NBC 5 on Wednesday.

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