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Woman Says Calumet City Police Officer Sexually Assaulted Her During Traffic Stop

The Calumet City Police Department has launched an investigation into the incident

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A woman say she was assaulted by a south suburban Calumet City police officer this past weekend, and her attorneys plan to file both civil and criminal lawsuits.

At a news conference Monday, Latoya Thompson said she was driving along Sibley Boulevard at approximately 2:30 a.m. Saturday when a police officer pulled her over.

"He flashed his light to get my attention, and pulled me to the side..." she said. "He told me to pull over to make sure I was okay."

Thompson said the officer ordered her out of her car, and she followed his orders. But moments later, the situation took a different turn.

The officer began making lewd comments and told Thompson "you look so, so good," according to her attorney Cannon Lambert.

"I was extremely scared," she recounted. "I Just wanted to make it home."

Thompson also said the officer touched her inappropriately, grabbing her thighs and fondling her.

Thompson said the officer later got a dispatch order and left her on the side of the road. According to Lambert, the officer's badge number was covered and he was not wearing a body camera.

"This officer should be immediately fired because of what he did," the attorney said. "He abused his rights, he abused his office."

In a statement, the Calumet City Police Department confirmed it launched an investigation, and the officer was removed from assignment without pay, pending termination proceedings. They added an outside agency is conducting a criminal investigation.

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