Woman Gives Birth After Finishing Marathon

Amber Miller ran half of the race and walked the other half, she said

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was originally published in 2011. NBC Chicago is revisiting some of the most memorable Chicago Marathon stories ahead of the Oct. 11 race.

Talk about a multitasker.

Amber Miller, 39 weeks pregnant, was nearing the end of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday when she began to feel contractions.

Miller kept her pace, though, and finished the race. Hours later her baby girl, June, was born at 10:29 p.m.

Incredibly she said she's no more tired than when she delivered her son.

"I don't feel anything from the marathon," Miller said Monday. "What you would expect after giving birth."

Miller's doctor had given her permission to run half of the marathon, she said. She walked the other half, all while her husband kept pace for support.

She said other runners and spectators yelled words of encouragement as she finished the race, though some stared at her as she ran by, she said. "All positive, I was afraid I would get some negative comments."

In the end Miller won two races: the Chicago Marathon and the one to the Central DuPage Hospital.

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