Woman Finds “Nazi” Etched Into Cadillac

Police hunt for vandal who slashed tires, scratched trunk

The crime can be described as heinous and shocking.
A woman in the city’s Edgewater neighborhood received a hateful surprise Sunday when she discovered the word ‘Nazi’ scratched on the trunk of her 2008 Cadillac and two of the car's tires slashed.
The woman lives in a condominium in the 5900 block of North Sheridan Road and as she approached her car in the building' s parking garage at 4 p.m., she noticed the word ‘Nazi’ on her trunk.
Unaware of the damage to the tires, the woman started driving the car. After a mile and a half, it became disabled at 4926 N. Broadway. She then found two of the car tires had “big cuts” in them, according to a Lincoln District police sergeant.
Around 11 p.m., the woman contacted police to say she believed a man in her condominium was responsible for the crime, although there were no witnesses or surveillance cameras in the garage for evidence.
The man is “always causing trouble" with the condo association, and other neighbors have had “problems” with him, the sergeant told CBS 2. The man is known for not getting along with others in the building and was apparently mad at the woman.
The victim is from Germany and has a German accent.  The man is from another country as well, but neither the man nor the woman is Jewish.
No citations or charges have been filed the sergeant said.

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