Woman Exercises Husband to Death

Police: transexual married, then killed, older man

An elderly man who feared his wife and water, died after apparently spending too much time with both.

Police point to surveillance video from the pool of an Ohio apartment complex to show that a 40-year-old woman -- once a man herself -- dragged her husband through the water unmercilessly for almost two hours before he suffered a heart attack and died the next day.

Chris Mason, who was Chris Newton John when she met and married the much older James Mason, has pleaded guilty to reckless homicide and may be on her way to prison for exercising the 73-year-old man to death last year.

Chief Joseph A. Stehlik of the Middlefield Police Department says "I think the video speaks volumes for the cruelty that you will see. It's a fairly sinister appearing video."

Even veteran cops who had seen most everything, were shocked by the cruelty and oddity of this case.

Stehlik says "it does make it one of the oddest ones I've seen. I was thinking about that even today. There are some that are very unique, but this one rises probably to the top."

Police say there's evidence Chris Mason thought her husband had money.

He didn't.

By all accounts he was a timid, abused old man, who spent his last days in deathly fear.

Chris Mason will be sentenced by a judge next month.  She could get up to 5 years in prison.

There were other reports of abuse in the marriage, which prompted police to investigate Mason's death.


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