Woman Drove 135 MPH Because She Was ‘Late for Class,' Police Say

Late for class? You should probably pump the brakes.

At least, that's the message Illinois State Police sent with a Facebook post Monday. ISP shared photos of a car pulled to the side of the road and the corresponding traffic ticket written in the incident - showing a woman they said clocked 135 mph.

Her excuse? She was "late for class."

Police did not say where the traffic stop took place, only sharing that the woman was 21 years old and that the radar hit 116 mph even before she sped up.

The post also included a dire warning to all drivers.

"Folks, this is who you’re sharing the roads with," ISP wrote. "This is why we want you to stay focused. This is why we want you to drive the speed limit to better prepare you to stop in time in case this lady gets a flat tire and comes barreling across the interstate lanes at you."

"This is utterly ridiculous and now she is going to be really, really, really late to class," the post - which garnered more than 1,000 shares in less than a day - concluded.

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