Woman Critically Injured After Debris Falls From Noble Square Building

A 25-year-old woman is in critical condition after chunks of stone fell off the front of a building in Chicago’s Noble Square neighborhood on Wednesday.

According to authorities, the incident occurred just before 6 p.m. near the intersection of Milwaukee and Ashland.

Officials say that a 25-year-old woman was struck by a piece of debris, and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where she was listed in critical condition.

“Before I saw it, I heard it,” eyewitness Frank Rawland said. “There was just the sound of a rockslide.”

Rawland said he was down the block when the façade of a vacant building began falling to the ground during the evening rush hour.

“I could see there was someone under the ground, and that the debris had hit somebody,” he said.

The victim, a 25-year-old woman, was helped by people passing by who rushed to her aid.

“It hit her in the head, because there was wounds and blood running out of her head,” Rawland said.

Rosario Luisi, who owns a nearby business, says that he saw stones falling from the same building weeks ago.

“The loud bang, it sounded like an avalanche,” he said.

He says that the scaffolding just went up recently, and while it did catch some of the falling debris, other stones still fell to the ground.

“The scaffolding was up and you never thought anything of it, but now the heavy winds pulled down the sign and the rest of the debris. It was bad,” he said.

No other injuries were reported.

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