Woman Buys Blago’s Seat … Legally

Mystery bidder is found

Sandy hook room

"I've got this thing and it's f---ing golden."

Not too long ago, former governor Rod Blagojevich was accused of saying this about a certain seat. Now, Jimmy Kimmel can say the same thing ... even if it is closer to a champagne color.

Kimmel was finally able to sell the chair from his late-night talk show set where Blagojevich once sat, along with the likes of Eminem, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen.

The TV host had put the seat up for auction on eBay, but the winning bidder did not come forward right away.

Finally though, the Mississippi woman who pledged a whopping $10,200 for the chair has come forward.

Sabrina Comola, an artist and mother of three, said she bought the chair for her husband, Drake Elder.

"I was ecstatic when I found out I'd won," Comola said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

And while she did say that she thought the "conceptual art" belonged in a museum, she intends on keeping it in her living room where guests can sit in it.

"That's what it's for," she said.

Comola also wanted to emphasize that she has nothing against the former governor personally, but she can't help but keep her fingers crossed that he comes across some bad fortune.

"I hope the value of the seat goes up," she said, "and it will probably go up if he goes to prison."

We'll be following the news right along with you, Sabrina. In fact, we've got a ringside seat.

Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, is on the edge of his seat.

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