Woman Attacked by 2 Teen Girls

The woman agreed to give the girls a ride when they attacked her

A 20-year-old Chicago woman was attacked Wednesday night after she agreed to give two girls a ride.

The woman got off the Green Line train around 9:30 p.m. near Cicero and Lake after work. She was warming up her car when two girls knocked on her window and asked for a ride, saying they'd been kicked out of their house.

The woman agreed and during the ride the girls threatened her. The girl sitting in the back seat attacked her with a knife.

"As soon as I hit Washington and Lamon there was a red light and she pulled a knife to my throat and told me, you know what, you better keep driving," the woman told NBCChicago. "She demanded my cell phone, and I told her I didn't have it. She wanted my money, that's all I had in my purse."

The victim pulled into an alley, where the girls started hitting her and stabbed her in the neck and on the head. She said all she could think about was her infant son and husband.

The woman was able to escape, and police last night arrested a 14-year-old who the victim believes stabbed her. The girl was charged Thursday with aggravated battery and armed robbery.

Police are still searching for the other girl.

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