Witness Follows Stolen Vehicle With Baby Inside, Finds Child on Side of Road

A 1-year-old girl is safe after authorities say a carjacker stole a vehicle in Chicago with the baby still in her car seat in the backseat. 

Police said the car was stolen around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday from the 5800 block of West Roosevelt Road. A man jumped into a vehicle with two kids inside, but one of the children, who the family says is 10 years old, managed to jump out of the car before the man fled the scene. 

The suspect drove a short distance to the 900 block of South Menard where he removed the infant in her car seat and left her on the street before fleeing once again. 

Alfonso Quinones told NBC 5 his wife was running an errand with the couple’s 10-year-old niece and 1-year-old daughter when the carjacking took place.

“My wife, she went to the photo studio to drop off some photos for the baby’s birthday and when she got out of the vehicle, she went into the store and in that instant the suspect came and jumped into the vehicle and took off in the truck,” he said.

That’s when the young girl ran into the store saying someone had taken the care with the baby inside. 

An employee in the store said she grabbed her keys without hesitation and followed the vehicle. 

The woman tailed the stolen car until she saw the suspect leave the baby on the side of the road, before taking off again. She pulled the child to safety until police arrived. 

"I feel satisfied because it was worth it to take the risk and follow the suspect," the employee said. 

Police said the driver of the stolen vehicle was taken into custody about 3 miles from where he dropped the baby off. Charges are pending.

“They got my baby back, I’m happy for that,” Quinones said. 

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