Wisconsin State Fair: ‘Gummy Bear Brat' Highlights List of More Than 80 New Food Items

The "Gummy Bear Brat," featuring a gummy bear-infused bratwurst topped with honey mustard and more candy, is one of 80 new food items available at the Wisconsin State Fair this year.
Wisconsin State Fair/Leadfoots Bar and Grill

The Wisconsin State Fair is set to kick off next month in Milwaukee, and organizers have released a list of more than 80 new food items that will certainly cause mouths to water.

The fair, which will run from Aug. 4 to 14, drew more than 840,000 visitors in 2021, and organizers hope it will exceed that total this time around.

Of course, many of those visitors will flock to the event’s massive array of food offerings, and one of the most remarkable new items of the year is the “Gummy Bear Brat.”

Bratwurst is of course a Wisconsin staple, but this offering from Leadfoots Race Bar & Grill is infused with gummy bears, then topped with honey mustard and even more gummy bears.

Also making its debut this year is the “Wisconsin Beer Brat Cheddar Cheese Pizza” from Emil’s Pizza.

This pizza will be topped with sliced brats that have been simmered in beer and onions, making it the “quintessential Wisco pizza,” according to organizers.

For those looking for a snack, the “Batter-Infused White Cheddar Cheese Curds” from WurstBar feature a twist on traditional cheese curds, with the seasoned flour mixed into the cheese itself, thereby cutting back on the amount of breading on the outside.

Finally, the Donut Dog will make its debut. Wrapped in bacon and deep-fried, the hot dog is then nestled inside a Long John doughnut for a mix of sweet and savory that’s hard to believe.

Of course, Fried Pickle Cheese Curd Tacos and several other new items will also be on the menu.

For dessert, visitors can grab a “Brandy Old Fashioned S’more on a Stick” from Freese’s Candy Shop, or an “Ice Cream Flight” from Cedar Crest Ice Cream.

A full list of new menu items can be found on the fair’s website.

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