Wing of Frontier Airlines Plane Strikes Fence at O'Hare Airport

A Frontier Airlines flight destined for Washington D.C. became stuck at O’Hare Airport after the wing of the plane struck a fence Tuesday, officials said.

The Department of Aviation said the wing of the outbound flight, Frontier Airlines Flight 1343, struck a fence at the airport around 7 p.m. and had to be towed back to the gate.

“Within a few minutes of starting [to leave] the flight just stopped,” said passenger Himani Chaudhary. “We were wondering what had happened but we realized the wing was stuck in the fence.”

The Department of Aviation said no injuries were reported in the incident, but it was not immediately clear what caused the plane to hit the fence.

Passengers said the plane was stuck for nearly two hours before being towed.

“It was really frustrating because you know by the time we were supposed to be in D.C. we were just sitting stuck at the airport. They left us sitting with me, and other passengers with kids and things and it was hard,” said Chaudhary. “It was the first time I’ve seen something like this happening.”

Officials said passengers returned to the gate and were being placed on another plane Tuesday evening.

Frontier Airlines could not immediately be reached for comment.

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