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No Pay, No Police

Whinfield, Indiana has no police force



    No Pay, No Police
    Siede Preis
    A heartbroken Brooklyn mom says a police officer failed to help her as she desperately tried to get her daughter to the hospital following an asthma attack, according to news reports.

    Lake County Sheriff's officials aren't working for free.

    That's why they stopped providing police service to Winfield, Indiana -- population 4,000. The small town owes the sheriff department about $100,000 for protection this year and they have yet to fork over the cash, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

    Like many Midwestern towns, Winfield is broke. Lake County Sheriff stopped taking 911 calls from the area about three days ago. Sunday they ignored a call to respond to a traffic accident involving a pick-up truck that hit a light pole. Indiana State Police eventually responded and nabbed the driver, who had fled.

    Residents, however, are steamed. The Winfield city council  mulled the idea of creating a marshal to help police their nabe. Lake County Sherrif Roy Dominguez thinks that could be a good idea. He said the town has been violating state laws for 17 years by not fielding its own force and relying solely on the county sheriff.

    That could all become moot after the council meets Tuesday.  Dominguez said he met with town officials Monday and that "significant progress" was made.

    The council will discuss that progress at the meeting.