‘Windy City Rehab' to Debut Second Season Despite Controversies

HGTV said the season will tackle the issues head-on in its new five-episode season, premiering on Sept. 15

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"Windy City Rehab" will return for a second season in Chicago next month as the show's star battles legal troubles with previous clients and permitting problems that spelled trouble for the designer in her hometown.

HGTV said the season will tackle some of the issues head-on in its new five-episode season, premiering on Sept. 15.

"As Alison continues her work to transform historic fixer-uppers, she must manage a strained business relationship, contend with permit delays and battle stop work orders," a release from HGTV read. "During the season, unprecedented setbacks put the skilled designer’s reputation and livelihood on the line, but Alison loves her city and won’t give up without a fight."

A Chicago couple who purchased a luxury home spotlighted on the hit HGTV show “Windy City Rehab” has filed suit against the stars of the show, alleging a series of problems with the $1.36 million property.

The new season comes after a Chicago couple filed suit against the stars of the hit show. James and Anna Morrissey purchased a luxury home spotlighted on the first season but now allege a series of problems with the $1.36 million property.

Their lawsuit named Alison Gramenos, who also goes by Alison Victoria, along with her co-star Donovan Eckhardt and his company Greymark Development Group on Dec. 30 in Cook County Circuit Court.

The suit alleges the Chicago couple first noticed issues in the Lincoln Square home they purchased one day after closing on the property last March. They noted an upstairs hallway bathroom leaked and drained through the kitchen ceiling whenever it was used.

A few days later, the couple said “a substantial amount of water” started leaking through the exterior masonry and windows at the property. In the months following, the couple said water began pooling on the property, impacting their neighbor’s lot as well, and larges areas of mortar on the exterior walls “were deteriorating or completely missing.”

The couple's suit alleges the stars’ “unfair and deceptive practices” and “shoddy” construction were a breach of contract, breach of warranty and fraud.

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The couple said they want their contract rescinded as well as additional money for upgrades they paid for and the cost of landscaping. They are also asking for looking for an unspecified amount in damages. Both Gramenos and Eckhardt did not comment on the suit at the time.

The Chicago Sun-Times also reported a second couple also filed suit against the show's stars.

The suit is not the first hiccup to hit the show and its stars in Chicago.

Last year, Chicago officials suspended permit privileges for both Gramenos and Eckhardt following problems with some of their construction projects.

At the time, HGTV said in a statement that issues related to the show were “carefully reviewed” and “appropriate parties are in communication with local building officials and working to resolve any outstanding issues.”

Gramenos later wrote on social media that she had “new general contractors” and was working closely with the city to “repair and amend any and all permits.”

“The building department says they are pleased with our efforts and we will continue to work closely together to move in the right direction,” her Instagram post read.

HGTV said “Windy City Rehab" debuted as one of its highest-rated freshman series in more than a year. The show garnered more than 9.3 million viewers within a month of its January premiere last year.

Gramenos, who previously hosted “Kitchen Crashers” on HGTV, called it her “dream to flip houses” in her hometown.

“Running a design and renovation business in Chicago is not for the faint of heart,” Gramenos said in a statement announcing the new season Tuesday. “It has tested me in more ways than I could have ever imagined.”

“I love what I do and I’m determined to succeed,” she added. “It’s truly been an extraordinary experience.”

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