Willie Wilson Debuts New Radio Ad

The ad targets the city’s red light ticket program

Advertising is about getting someone’s attention, and that’s certainly what mayoral candidate Willie Wilson’s new radio ad does.

Wilson’s campaign ad targets the city’s red light ticket program and criticizes Emanuel’s decision to shutter dozens of Chicago schools.

“That’s what advertising is all about,” he said, “Getting people’s attention.”

Wilson, a millionaire businessman who owns a medical supply business, nearly invested in the company that won the city’s red light contract. But after two years of meetings, he said at the last minute he was dumped as the minority investor.

“They reneged on it, kicked me out and got somebody else, but I’m glad it happened that way,” he said.

Wilson is the only other candidate besides Emanuel currently running commercials ahead of the February election.

He said he’s preparing for the debates set to take place soon, but he won’t just be targeting red light tickets as he looks to score points with voters.

As for who Wilson is, the candidate wrote a tell-all autobiography detailing rough times in his life, even a physical fight with his wife years ago.

“Have you ever done something you would be ashamed of,” Wilson said. “All have done things we’re not proud of.”

The first forum with each mayoral candidate is set for next week.

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