Will Apple's Siri Seriously Decimate Local SEO?

Even if you don't own an iPhone 4S, you've undoubtedly heard of Siri: Its a magical built-in personal-assistant app that's able to send texts from dictation and answer funny questions like, "Where's the best place to dump a body?" (Really, go try it!) But there's a potentially sinister side to that androgynous voice emanating from that fancy high-tech rectangle: Some experts are predicting it could very well "destroy local SEO."

How? Well, a piece in entrepreneur.com paints this not-so-rosy scenario, but one that could provide an opportunity to a forward thinking small business unafraid to experiment with technology and possible get ahead of the Siri curve: 

For example, Siri can call you a cab after a night on the town by automatically processing information about local cab companies in response to the query, "Call me a cab." Automating the search process means you never look up "cab companies in your area" in the search engines, avoiding the traditional search engine results pages and pay-per-click advertisements entirely, therefore limiting their importance and influence. 

Part of why people are getting all Chicken Little about this is because no one really knows how Siri works or collects its information. 

However, anyone who's used Siri knows it's basically a glorified party trick as it functions right now.

Oftentimes when you throw it a slight curve ball it ("Make me a pan of delicious brownies, Siri.") and after it's done mulling it will just throw up its hands and offer to Google it for you. It's yet to be proven to have an impact on local SEO, but if it's doing little more than delaying your inevitable Googling of your query, the assertion some experts are making might be a wee overblown.

Maybe they're just jealous of the folks who have the 4S. But. If you want to educate yourself further about the potential problems it might cause, give that piece a read.

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