Wild Heat Wave Predicted for Lolla Weekend

It's going to be a hot one

You know the people who complain that it's kind of nice during the week and then it ends up being miserably cold during the weekend?  This weekend they're going to have something else to complain about.

If the predictions are right, Chicago is on its way to a couple of scorching days this weekend with temperatures we haven't seen in this area since late June.

NBC5 Meteorologist Ginger Zee predicts that by Saturday afternoon the temps will hit the upper 80's and maybe even the low 90's almost all over the Chicagoland area (with the Wisconsin border being somewhat of a cooler zone at times).

By Sunday there will be more sunshine and even hotter temperatures closer to the mid 90's, Zee reported, which could cause some potential health hazards if people aren't taking care of themselves properly.

With Lollapalooza in town and a variety of summer township festivals going on in the area, there are lots of reasons to soak up the summer outside, but Zee warns to take precautions when enjoying the above average temperatures.

When the mercury rises above 90 and close to 100, it gets pretty easy to run the risk of getting dehydrated.  And when you've got dehydration, it gets pretty easy for your day of fun to be ruined.

If you're going to be outside for a prolonged period of time when it's warmer than 90 degrees out, Zee suggested you make sure you stay hydrated and wear light and breathable clothing.  It's also a great idea to check up on your pets, as they have to deal with the warm weather, too.

Along the same lines, if you’re indoors and are hoping to keep cool but do not have air conditioning, Zee urged against utilizing the combination of closing windows and turning on fans.  The lack of airflow coupled with high temperatures could lead to a deadly outcome, and anyone without air conditioning should try to find a place that does have A/C.

For more information about the weekend's weather, don't forget to go to NBCChicago's Weather sub-section page.

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