The Wieners Circle Inspires TV Show

10-episode reality series debuts March 20th on truTV

You may want to cover the kids' ears.

The North Side late-night hot dog shack known for the salty banter between the employees and customers has inspired a TV show.

"The Wieners Circle" debuts March 20th on truTV.

The show features the employees as the main characters on the show. Customers -- the late night inebriated kind -- are offered a series of embarassing challenges to complete for a chance to win free food.

According to the show's Web site, it puts the "cuss" back in customer service.

Co-owner Barry Nemerow says he's excited about the increase in business the show is sure to bring, possibly as much as 70 percent. And even though he hasn't seen an episode yet, he's not worried about they will be portrayed.

"I'm not concerned. I was around when they were filming and they really just covered the type of stuff we've been doing all along," Nemorow says.

Ten episodes of the reality show were shot.

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