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#WhyIMarch: Demonstrators at Women's March on Chicago Reveal Why They March

With crowds more than doubling expectations for the Women's March on Chicago Saturday, the city quickly transformed into a sea of pink. 

Demonstrators proudly proclaimed their diversity, carrying signs and rallying near the city's Grant Park. 

Organizers noted that the event, which was held the day after President Donald Trump's inauguration, was not an anti-Trump event, but that some demonstrators would likely be there for political reasons. 

"The incoming administration and president have promised an assault on women’s rights, we are prepared to fight back," said organizer Ann Scholhamer.

Still, as women and men from varying backgrounds flooded city streets, it became clear there were many reasons marchers came for the event. 

The Chicago rally is one of many around the country and the world being held in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington.

"This march is just one moment in time but it’s a moment that will hopefully ignite a powerful message," said Donna Miller with Planned Parenthood. "Women are taking action and will continue to take action."

The marches nationwide are expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people on Saturday.

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