Your First 100 Days Aren't Make Or Break

There's a reason they called that movie Risky Business: because running any business is risky. Entrepreneurs of course have a little more at stake since they're putting their own ideas -- and just as importantly, money -- on the line. So, what happens if you're having a change of heart or worrying you've made a huge success.

Well, if you're the worrying type, you probably shouldn't start your own business. But on the bright side, if you're feeling uneasy in the early days of your new business, there are some reasons you shouldn't panic. contributor and president/managing partner of Chicago Sunland Domenic Rinaldi -- a business brokerage firm that helps people buy, grow, and sell businesses in the Midwest -- explains in a blog post that the first 100 days of running a business won't make or break you.

The post is intended for people who have recently bought a business and are now running it, but much of it is applicable to entrepreneurs and self-starters as well. Among his advice are pointers on why you should stay personally involved with every employee as much as humanly possible, create an ongoing issues list to keep the troops happy, and don't be afraid to refine your business plan. Just these steps alone can have peripheral benefits, as well, Rinaldi also wrote: 

When employees see the boss in the trenches, it can be a morale booster. It also lets them know that you’re paying attention to what they are doing. That can reduce laziness and theft. 

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