Why You Shouldn’t Be an Angry Boss


Everyone at one point has a boss who seems to take out his or her lack of coffee or insomnia on employees. But now you’re the boss and employees are making a wide circle around your desk. Any business owner in this economy has some uncertainty and insecurity, but guess what? The economy isn't going anywhere (literally, it seems). You might as well let the anxiety go. 

In SmallBizTrends, Diane Helbig, president of Sieze the Day Coaching, suggests examining your management style before flaring up. If you think you’re an angry boss, take a breather, and ask yourself a few questions:
1. What do you expect from your employees - individually and collectively?
2. What resources do they need from you in order to meet or exceed those expectations?
3. What are the consequences – good and bad – of meeting, exceeding or missing the expectations?
4. How well have you communicated the above questions to your employees?
5. How well have you followed through with consequences?
Answer the questions from an unemotional standpoint, Helbig says. Leave insecurity and feelings out of the assessment. Have a Calgon moment.
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