Why You Need an Accountability Partner Right Now

Entrepreneurs are often great at making lists. We have grand plans to expand, conquer and define our territory. So why do certain items keep getting pushed down that to-do list and never actually get done?

This is where an accountability partner might be needed.

An accountability partner is someone who you check in with regularly to keep you on track. You can use an accountability partner to set goals, encourage you to reach your potential and as a sounding board for your ideas. As entrepreneurs we push ourselves hard and it’s nice to have someone there who is encouraging and understanding.

Currently, I’m serving as an accountability partner for an entrepreneur at Lunchbox Love. These must-have notes share kind words that improve the quality of everyday life. We started off by sharing a great chat and then we focused on two goals to begin working on. Our next chat is scheduled in a month’s time. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to have my partner's back and send articles of interest, a note of encouragement or just an "I’m here if you need me" vibe. This is one of the great things about being an accountability partner -- as you cheer on your partner you get geared up for their success and it manifests into positive energy for your own work.

Now, I serve on both sides of the accountability coin and set goals for myself with my accountability partner, Melissa, over at Chicago’s own Fifth House Ensemble. It is amazing to remove the fear from difficult tasks and know that there always will be at least one person cheering in the corner.

Of course you want a cheerleader just for you, so how exactly do you choose someone for this important role? An accountability partner should be someone you trust, know well enough to share your goals and generally a positive person. Consider someone you admire that could share their business expertise.

If you’re a dedicated entrepreneur, go ahead and give an accountability partner a try. You’ll be amazed at how a small amount of support can bolster your results.  

Chelsea Duggan is currently running Milestar Babies while chasing her sprinting boys, Trouble One and Trouble Two. She enjoys being an entrepreneurial guinea pig, serving up delectable scones with a posh accent, and playing every single day.

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