Why Suburban Brides Fear Bridesmaid Dresses Are Lost for Good

At least three different bridal parties tell NBC 5 they’re having similar issues at two House of Brides shops—one in Orland Park and the other in the Schaumburg location.

A bridesmaid who says her party ordered dresses through the company in Orland Park, spoke to NBC 5 under the condition of anonymity about her experience.

 “They seemed nice,” she said. “We all bought them and paid in full.”

Everything from not receiving a dress fully paid for, to receiving an allegedly already worn dress.

One bridesmaid explained her situation with the House of Brides store in Orland Park back in February.

The woman says it’s been 6 months.

“We are like three weeks out from the wedding now and the dresses still haven’t come,” she said.

She says House of Brides promised her group the dresses would be here by now.

Several calls later and still no replies, the woman said she decided to go looking for answers.

“We’ve gone in there we’ve asked questions, they told us that there is no manager to contact,” she explained. “No corporate to contact. There’s no tracking information.”

NBC 5 tried calling the number listed on the House of Brides’ official site and even emailed customer service after the desk at Orland Park said they were unable to redirect anyone to a spokesperson—still, no explanations.

“I feel like they’re almost stealing from people,” she said. “They’re not honoring what they say they are going to do. I just don’t understand how a business like this is still running.”

Although the bridesmaid said the wedding party is now coming up with a quick back up plan, she says she hopes the shop is held accountable for their actions.

The bridal party NBC 5 spoke with Monday is hoping for a concrete answer from the store by Friday.

The story will be updated with additional details as the story continues to unfold.

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