Why Is Rahm Rallying With Atlanta’s Mayor Right Before Election?

Both candidates are rallying out-of-state support to give them an edge ahead of Tuesday's election

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's weekend schedule features an out-of-state guest to help him get out the vote.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed joined Emanuel in a rally the KLEO Community Family Life Center in the Washington Park neighborhood late Saturday morning just three days before the election.

But why is Mayor Reed's public support important for Emanuel?

Reed first took office as mayor in 2010. In the first year, he successfully balanced the city budget and hired more cops. He's also a pal of the Obama administration's.

If Reed believes in Emanuel, then perhaps he believes the Chicago mayor can also balance the budget and make the city safer with greater police presence. And perhaps voters would agree.

Both Emanuel and Jesus "Chuy" Garcia have courted out-of-state support and endorsements throughout their campaigns. Obama already gave his endorsement to Emanuel in February and backed him up in a radio advertisement.

On Thursday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders arrived in Chicago to endorse Garcia. While the state of Vermont may not have obvious relevance in this election, just like the city of Atlanta, Sanders' support does have significance.

Sanders is the longest serving independent member of Congress and is known for his alignment to the working class. Support from Sanders could help legitimize Garcia's ideas that some see as unrealistic.

Both candidates will make several stops on the campaign trail this Easter weekend in the hopes of convincing the remaining undecided voters. In addition to meeting with Mayor Reed, Emanuel will attend another get-out-the-vote rally Saturday at the North Park Village Pavilion with supporters in the Asian community.

Garcia is scheduled to attend several get-out-the-vote rallies as well with special guest appearances by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Danny Davis, Emil Jones, Willie Wilson and Dr. Cornel West, among others.

As Emanuel and Garcia campaign during the last day of early voting, every bit of support counts. Voter turnout is expected to be low on Tuesday, but voters have come out in record numbers for the early voting period.

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