Why Boston's David E. Kelly Roots For The Hawks

TV writer/producer and hockey buff has familial connection to Blackhawks organization

You don't have to be a born and bred Chicagoan to be a big Blackhawks fan.

Among the thousands of screaming fans decked out in Hawks gear at the United Center Saturday night were actress Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband, TV writer/producer David E. Kelley.

It's not the first time the two have been spotted at Blackhawks games -- they often check out the team in San Jose, which is closer to their LA home, and were among the fans in the stands during the teams 2010 championship.

On the surface, Kelley's allegiance to the team is a bit puzzling considering his background. He was born in Maine, raised in Massachusetts, captained his Princeton hockey team and is the son of former Boston University and New England Whalers head coach Jack Kelley. Not to mention many of his shows have Boston settings, such as Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and Boston Practice.

But the answer lies with the Blackhawks' head of amateur scouting, Mark Kelley, who just so happens to be David E. Kelley's brother.

One of Mark Kelley's biggest coups was spotting a diamond in the rough named Andrew Shaw, and keeping the team's interest under the radar before the Hawks snagged him in the fifth round in 2011.

Then again, David E. Kelley also created Chicago Hope -- which perfectly sums up the mood of the city leading into Game 6 on Monday.

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