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Why Bears' Matt Eberflus, Ryan Poles Can Succeed Per Peter King

Why Peter King believes Poles, Eberflus can succeed originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

When an organization makes sweeping changes like the Bears did over the offseason, the first and arguably most important step is to ensure the correct people are put in place to lead the team forward. On the latest episode of the Under Center podcast, Peter King joined the show and shared why he thought both Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus could succeed together.

“I thought Ryan Poles was going to get a job last year,” said King. “He has been talked about for the past two or three years.”

King’s key for Poles is his pedigree from Kansas City. Poles worked under both Scott Pioli and Brett Veach with the Chiefs, who are well trained in what to look for as a scout, and how to run a department.

“One of the things that Poles learned so well early on in Kansas City is that there are no shortcuts to be great,” King said. “I think that’s something he’s brought to the Bears. When I say ‘there are no shortcuts to be great,’ー look he obviously chafes at calling this a rebuilding year, but I don’t care what you call it, the Bears aren’t gonna win much this year, at least I don’t think… Whatever it is, this is not the final iteration of the Matt Eberflus - Ryan Poles team.”

Meanwhile, King got his first hint that Eberflus could become a great head coach shortly into Eberflus’ tenure as the Colts' defensive coordinator. It goes back to when Josh McDaniels initially hired Eberflus to join his wouldbe staff. When McDaniels decided to stay with the Patriots, the Colts were left at the altar and ultimately hired Frank Reich. The team decided to keep McDaniels staff, however, since they’d taken them off the market for so long and it would be tough for those assistant coaches to have to begin their job search anew.

“As one person in the organization told me about a year later, he called it incredibly fortuitous that they were ‘stuck’ with Matt Eberflus, because he was such a really good coach,” King said. “He was a bottom line, total detail guy.

“The one thing you want in your head coach is you want a guy who has attention to detail. He gets along well with the general manager and they’re each on the same page in terms of personnel acquisition. Both of those guys are like that.”

One thing in particular made King believe Eberflus would be popular with Bears fans, though.

“He not only respects the Bears history, he reveres it.”

Eberflus has mentioned on many occasions how important the Bears legacy is to him, and how he wants to impress that importance onto the players. He’s worked to build connections with several Bears alumni and has invited former players to speak to the team. If all goes well, Eberflus and Poles will each be able to etch their names alongside the greats of Bears history.

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