Doctors Reveal Why Allergy Conditions Are So Bad in Chicago

If you are feeling the impact of seasonal allergies this week, you are not alone.

Many Chicago-area residents are dealing with the issue, and while it may feel like late summer is an odd time for a flare up, doctors disagree, and they are seeing an influx of patients seeking relief.

“I think I’ve seen 17 patients already today and still have a full afternoon clinic left,” Dr. Anju Peters, an allergies and immunologist at Northwestern, said. “It’s been crazy busy because people are really bothered by their symptoms.”

Pollen, ragweed, and mold have all been on the rise in recent weeks, and the constantly fluctuating temperatures aren’t helping anyone find relief.

People have complained about stuffiness, a runny nose, and puffy eyes, and Dr. Peters has the scoop on why things have been so tough lately.

“Ragweed is very high,” she said. “It typically starts getting high in the Midwest in early July and August, and it peaks around Labor Day.”

She suggests avoiding the outdoors when temperatures spike, but she also has other tips, including changing clothes and taking showers after spending time outdoors to ensure that allergens aren’t still in your clothes or hair.

Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, this weekend promises to be extremely tough, as high temperatures and humidity are poised to intensify symptoms for sufferers.

For those who want to be outdoors and to enjoy the summer weather while it lasts, doctors recommend that you go outside later in the afternoon, as pollen count is actually higher in the morning.

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