Chicago, New York Police Engage in Social Media Pizza Battle

Each city's police department claims to have the superior pizza

Protect and serve... pizza, that is.

The Chicago Police Department has resurfaced the age-old debate of Chicago vs. New York-style zas ahead of National Pizza Day Saturday.

“How will you celebrate, Chicago? Deep dish, or ol’ fashioned thin crust? Either choice beats New York-style slices,” CPD wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of deep dish and thin crust pizza in the city.

The New York Police Department responded with, “We recognize the slice of pizza on the right [thin crust], but what’s the one on the left? Is there pasta in it?”

A detective added that CPD’s post was a “trick question.”

“If it’s not from New York, it’s not pizza,” Chief Dermot F. Shea wrote.

NYPD also questioned if the Chicago post counted as “impersonation under NY state law.”

Who will win the debate?

Automakers use events like the Chicago Auto Show to gauge interest from buyers as to what’s hot and what’s not on the car market, and occasionally those concept cars can become a reality. NBC 5’s Kye Martin has the story. 

Looks like Chicago Police tweeted a video Saturday of what sounds like a dare involving some officers taking a bite of a Ny-style slice of pizza.

"A few of our brave police officers from @ChicagoCAPS01 took one for the team and subjected themselves to NY-style “pizza.” The verdict: not bad, @NYPDnews. Not bad. Still doesn’t beat Chicago! Happy #NationalPizzaDay"

NYPD responded shortly afterward with a video of themselves eating a Chicago Deep dish.

"Ok @Chicago_Police, the bad news is, your pizza didn’t cut it. The good news is, you’re invited to New York for a slice on us any time! Happy #NationalPizzaDay, stay safe and warm!" read the tweet.

Chicago police replied with a "agree to disagree, but can we at least agree that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza? We’ll pick this back up in a few months on #NationalHotDogDay. Stay safe, @NYPDnews!"

Stay tuned for round two come National Hot Dog Day on July 17.

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