Who to Watch at Chicago Ideas Week: Innovations and Influences Mega Talk

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Chicago Ideas Week is underway, and we’re highlighting Mega Talks and speakers to consider as the week unfolds. Take a look:

Today’s event: Innovations and Influence: Conversations Between Today’s Most Innovative Minds

Why you should care: In this Mega Talk presented by Time Magazine, the discussion focuses on finding and implementing great ideas. The speakers range widely, in fields from technology to politics to entertainment, and religion to finance. Attendees will get some great stuff from this one - not to mention that it’s led by the founder of Chicago Ideas Week himself, Brad Keywell.

Speakers include:

·         Brad Keywell:  Co-Founder & Managing Director, Lightbank; Co-Founder & Director, Groupon; Chairman & Founder, Chicago Ideas Week

·         Daisy Khan:  Executive Director & Co-Founder, American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA)

·         Gary White:  Executive Director & Co-Founder, Water.org

·         Michelle Rhee:  Founder & CEO, StudentsFirst

·         Rob Bell: Author, Love Wins; Founding Pastor, Mars Hill Bible Church

·         Suze Orman:  Author & Personal Finance Expert

Most are familiar with Keywell’s innovative work with small businesses through Lightbank and as the co-founder of Chicago's Groupon. And, unless living under a rock, Suze Orman. Her story of turning around her own financial situation to help others and brand herself is inspiring. Take a look at some of the others on the panel:

As the co-founder of ASMA, Daisy Khan’s goal is to prioritize the improvement of Muslim-West relations and the advancement of Muslim women globally.

Gary White’s organization, Water.org, links donors to high quality partner organizations that help communities design and construct their own sustainable water supply systems.

Michelle Rhee of StudentsFirst works to give children the skills and knowledge they will need to compete in the world. Her background includes adding instructional time after school and visiting students' homes as a third grade teacher in Baltimore, and adding students’ voices to reforming the DC Public Schools.

Rob Bell’s work with Mars Hill and his various authored contributions has landed him on 2011’s Time 100 list.

This is a not miss, and adds quite a bit of variety to the Chicago Ideas Week lineup.

Facts: Tuesday, 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Northwestern’s Thorne Auditorium, 375 W. Chicago Ave. This, too, is $15.

See the full list of speakers and events at www.chicagoideas.com.

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