Who to Watch at Chicago Ideas Week: Gunny Harboe

There's a lot to wrap your mind around with the approaching Chicago Ideas Week, and we're helping with series of speaker profiles designed to highlight the benefit to you.

In this profile: Gunny Harboe

Accolades: Named Chicago's 2010 Chicagoans of the year and the Tribune's 1999 Chicagoan of the year. Also nabbed a 2001 Young Architects award from the American Institute of Architects.

Why you should care: Okay, so what does architecture have to do with running a business? On the surface, maybe not so much. But if you're willing to indulge in metaphors and read deeper meanings into what Harboe has to say, you'll likely be dazzled, particularly if preserving this city's tradition of the famous, almost stubborn Midwestern work ethic. As Harboe's accolades indicate, this is a guy who has made the city a better place, though not in the way you might expect for an architect. He's tirelessly worked to preserve, restore, or rehabilitate landmarks like the Rookery Building and the Hotel Burnham. To unpack the metaphors here, think of it like this: He has the ability to develop a vision and execute it. That's not so different from running a business, now, is it?

When you can see him: October 15, Wrigley Field, 15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Check out the full list of speakers and register for passes on the Chicago Ideas Week website at ChicagoIdeas.com.

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