Who Stood Out in Bears' Overtime Loss

Sunday's loss was tough. The Bears dropped an overtime game in what could be a preview of the playoffs. Who stood out?

Grizzly Bears: The Bears who snacked on the Seahawks for dinner.

Brandon Marshall:
Though Marshall's 56-yard grab late in the game is what will be remembered, don't forget that he made many big catches throughout the game. He finished the game with 10 catches for 165 yards and is in striking distance of the Bears' all-time best receiving records. 

Jay Cutler: Usually, the Bears turn on Jay Cutler. When he plays well, they win. Sunday's loss was odd because he played really well, but the defense faltered. Cutler's two-touchdown, 233-yard game was topped off by the memorable 56-yard pass to Brandon Marshall to set the Bears up for overtime.

Teddy Bears: The Bears who found themselves underwater.

Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers: For the first time, the Bears defense looked old. They were exhausted after running after the young, athletic Russell Wilson. Peppers missed a key tackle that allowed Marshawn Lynch to get a first down. Urlacher had trouble stopping Wilson. They weren't the Bears defense of old.

Lovie Smith: He took the blame for the Bears not taking the easy field goal when the Bears were at fourth and inches in the second quarter. He shouldn't feel bad about the gutsy call. He should feel bad about the poor play calling that went along with it. Why not use Cutler on a sneak? Or get it to Brandon Marshall?

Eric Weems: With Devin Hester injured, Weems had the chance to show off his return and receiving skills. Unfortunately, he fumbled a return, made just one of the catches he was targeted for and was just a tad too amped up. With Earl Bennett sustaining a concussion during the game, Weems may get another chance next Sunday.

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