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Sit-In at Whittier Field House Could End Friday

Parents are in their sixth week of protest to save field house



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    There's a chance that the parent-staged sit-in at a field house adjacent to Whittier Elementary School in Pilsen could end Friday, more than six weeks after it began.

    A decision will come after a Friday meeting between parents and Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman. 

    Huberman was given approval by the school board Wednesday to offer parents a signed letter outlining the terms of an agreement that would save the building, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    Early last week, Huberman offered a compromise to parents:  the field house would be offered to a community group and the library that parents so badly want for the children will be constructed inside the school. 

    CPS had originally wanted to tear down the field house, deeming it structurally unsafe.

    What remains an issue is where the library will ultimately be located, the Tribune noted.  The school building is small and parents have been reticent to the notion of using space in the newly renovated science and computer labs.