Where to Find Free Drive-Thru Walgreens COVID Testing Near Chicago

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Walgreens is offering free, drive-thru COVID-19 testing at various locations across the Chicago area, as more businesses and venues require negative results for entry.

For people ages 3 and up, Walgreens provides contactless coronavirus testing at select locations around the city.

Here's how the process works, according to the company's website:

  1. Complete a questionnaire
  2. Choose a location and time for the test
  3. Go to the location and stay in the vehicle with the window rolled up
  4. Show a confirmation email, valid ID and insurance card or voucher
  5. Perform a nasal swab yourself. Patients ages 3 to 18 will need a parent present while they self-administer the COVID test
  6. View test results on PWNHealth

To see a list of drive-thru locations nearby, click here and search your ZIP code.

Though test results can be returned within varying times depending on the laboratory, most are returned with 24 to 48 hours.

For both the Rapid Diagnostic Test and the Rapid Antigen Test, test results return between one to 24 hours, according to Walgreens.

Walgreens noted pharmacies do not provide walk-in COVID testing. Rather, all testing is performed from the vehicle window.

For more testing locations throughout Illinois, click here.

Those living within city perimeters can use options from the Chicago Department of Public Health's website:

  • At-home: Some private companies will send tests directly to your home. The following tests have been authorized by the FDA. They include: a nose swab from Pixel by LabCorp , everywell or LetsGetChecked and saliva options like Vault or Vitagene. "This is not an exhaustive list and CDPH does not necessary recommend any specific private company," the department's website reads.
  • Your health care provider: According to CDPH, this is the best route for testing "because your health care provider is familiar with your medical history and can provide counselling that helps you understand exactly what your test result means."
  • Community health centers: According to CDPH, there are roughly 165 community health centers throughout Chicago. Find one near you at hrsa.gov. "No patient will be turned away because of inability to pay. Community health centers provide services regardless of patients’ immigration status and charge for services on a sliding fee scale," CDPH states.
  • Testing Map: Use the City of Chicago’s interactive testing map to find a testing site near you. According to CDPH, the map is updated frequently, but different testing sites might have different requirements. "We recommend calling in advance or checking online first," the department states.
  • City of Chicago testing sites: Chicago offers several community-based testing sites at no cost. To pre-register and schedule an appointment, click here
  • Traveler testing: PCR testing is available at O'Hare and Midway airports for travelers and airport/CDA employees, but it does cost money. The Rapid Antigen Test is $120, with patients receiving results in about 20 minutes. The PCR Test is $145, with results in about 24-72 hours. Anyone getting a test at the airport will need to show proof of flying (within 72 hours before their flight or five days after) or proof of airport employment.
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