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Woman Disliked Facebook Comment, Stabbed Me: Mother

Mom didn't take kindly to teen calling her daughter's baby "ugly"



    Mother, Daughter Describe Knife Attack

    One mother was sent to the hospital and the other went to jail after an attack that started on Facebook. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010)

    What began as a comment on Facebook ended with one mother in the hospital and the other in jail.

    Tiffany Scott, 39, says she was stabbed several times over comments her 18-year-old daughter made about a friend's 4-day-old baby on the social networking site.

    "When you read the comments and you read what was said, you'd never think your mother would get stabbed over something you said, verbally or on a computer," said Natia Robinson, who admits she called 18-year-old Briana Smith's baby "ugly."

    The families both live in the Briarcliff townhouse subdivision but knew each other for years after the two girls became friends in the fourth grade in Carol Stream. Tiffany Scott said she moved into the Wheaton cul-de-sac about six years ago, while Scott-Booker moved there just two days before the stabbing, the Daily Herald reported.

    Scott said things got violent when Smith's mother, Judith Scott-Booker, came over to the house to discuss the comment.

    "The daughter came over to my house with the mom to see the messages and she hit me in my eye trying to hit my daughter," Scott recalled of the Sept. 3 incident. 

    Fifteen minutes later, Scott said there was another encounter outside.

    "I was going to my daughter's car... and she came out with the knives," she said. 

    Scott-Booker has been charged with felony aggravated battery and remains in jail.  Her daughter is accused of aggravated assault.