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West Town Residents Alarmed at Recent Mail Thefts

“Anytime there’s a card that comes in the mail that looks like it may have a check or money or a gift card, it comes open..."

Several West Town residents say they have become victims in losing checks, cash and credit cards that were supposed to be delivered by the Postal Service.

A resident in the area who asked NBC 5 to protect his identity says he’s lost hundreds of dollars in cash and gift cards after allegedly being intercepted by mail thieves.

“It’s just frustrating to know that it’s not just me it’s everyone in the neighborhood,” he said.

The alleged victim says the majority of his mail has been ripped open the moment he receives it.

“Anytime there’s a card that comes in the mail that looks like it may have a check or money or a gift card, it comes open...every single one,” he claimed.

From the city to the suburbs a Post Office Inspector General spokesperson says complaints come in every day so it’s hard to say if there’s an uptick in theft claims.

However, according to a statement released, “any criminal behavior within the Postal Service is not tolerated and when a postal employee betrays that trust of the American people, the special agents in the U.S. Postal Service, Office of Inspector General vigorously investigate these matters.”

In February, NBC 5 Responds investigated reports of gift cards and cash disappearing from the mail in Palatine. As a result, postal inspectors were able to locate hidden cameras that managed to catch an employee stealing.

This resident didn’t speculate on who the culprit could be but says he has grown very skeptical.

“I send everything I can to my office downtown. I try my best to tell my family and friends not to send anything with any type of monetary value in it, just because there is a good chance I won’t receive it,” the resident went off to say.

According to the Postal Service spokesperson, it remains unclear if the issue is internal or external but assures that every report is being thoroughly investigated.

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