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Parents Sue West Aurora School District

A teacher’s cup of tea burns a special needs student



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    The parents of a special needs child sued the West Aurora School District after a teacher’s cup of tea burned their son.

    The boy’s parents Horacio Carmona and Cristina Vivaldo filed the law suit earlier in June, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

    Their son was a 3-year old pre-kindergarten student at the time of the November 10 incident at Hope Wall School on Aurora’s West Side. He was mentally handicapped, unable to speak and had hyperactivity.

    According to Chicago Sun-Times, the teacher’s tea was left unattended and without a lid when it splashed on the child causing his skin to become red and blister.

    It took the teacher and nurse 47 minutes to take the boy to the nearby Provena Mercy Medical Center after the incident occurred.

    The child suffered injuries to his muscles, bones and nervous system as well as third-degree burns on his face, neck and torso the,Chicago Sun-Times reported.

    The parents have sued for more than $50,000 in damages.